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Posted In Linux - By Yogesh Mankani On Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 With 3 Comments

Are you not happy with the limited features of default screenshot tool in your Linux Ubuntu ? Do you want a real powerful application to take screenshots. Here comes the Shutter that allows you to take screenshots with lots of configurations options.

Well, this post is also for the users who switched from PC and looking for a powerful screenshot application for Linux. And I believe you will love this app featured here and end your search too.

Shutter is a advanced screenshot app that is available for free download. I recommend this app strongly for blogger or technical writers. I think that Shutter is the most powerful screenshot application for Linux because of it comes with no. of configurations options as compared to other screenshot capture tool.

Some of the key features of Shutter are as follows :

  • Take screenshot of whole screen area, specific area, website or window
  • Able to take screenshot with a specific delay time
  • Shutter is also well integrated with Gnome Desktop
  • In-built image editor
  • Easily assign keyboard shortcuts for the minimum use of mouse controls
  • Apply different effects like blur, draw arrows, highlights, corner effects, pixeliz etc
  • Allows you to decide in which image format you want to save the screenshot
  • Decide whether to open the app in default app or user-defined app
  • Thumbnail resizing
  • Also offers auto-uploading and saving tools
  • Include or exclude the mouse cursor
  • Zoom into the selected area
  • Include or exclude windows decorations
  • Pop-up notifications


The features I told you above are the best ones and you can explore much more about this application after using it. I have used many other other screen grabbing tool and compared with them all, this is the best free Linux screenshot app for sure.

And if you are using some other application that you feel is feature-rich, please share with our readers in the comments section below.


To install the version which ships in the repositories, type in a terminal

sudo apt-get install shutter

or go to Applications->Ubuntu Software Center and type “Shutter” in the search bar at the top-right corner for a graphical installation.

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  1. Freyr Gunnar Ólafsson says:

    What is the best desktop recording software?

  2. Bob Smith says:

    No screen capture utility that fails to capture an entire window (including the part that isn’t visible unless you scroll) isn’t “powerful”… not even close. Windows has many utilities that will do this. Linux doesn’t have a single one. Yet Shutter continually fails to offer this crucial feature, upgrade after upgrade. You can get this feature in a Firefox add-on, but you can’t get it for use outside of a browser. When Shutter finally gets around to adding that feature, Linux will be on par with Windows when it comes to screen-capture. Until then, Linux will lag behind.

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